Welcome to my new site

The last few years have been, well, a lot.

Back when I was my little 17 year old self I started a blog with no direction, niche or point other than being a space where I wanted to write and share things with others.

A year after graduation from my degree in London, I find myself in a similar position that my 17 year old self once was in.

I am sitting in front of a screen, opening up WordPress and still having next to no clue on what I want to create and do with my site.

The only thing I still know, is that I want to write. I want to share my experiences with others and inspire them to follow suit. I want to be excited to create a digtial scrap book of my life that might also be something to be proud of and help me excel in my wanted career. I want to spend countless hours mind mapping ideas on where to visit, what thoughts to pick at and what naturally human interation to make into a short comedy sketch.

Many of you reading this, and thank you if you are, will know I had my personal blog which goes by a very similar name for a few years. I loved creating it and it is still live, but to be able to build a new, more professional site is something I have felt I have needed to do for a long time.

You see, writing isn’t about the quality, the platform, the amount of words or even the relevance. It is about the flow, the interest and the relatability.

Reading and writing are an escapism to what we want, need or will never experience.

It is a friend when we are lonely and a voice to what we cannot express through speech.

So, that is why after five solid years I am back typing away at the late hours of the night, not sure where I am going and not sure where I am staying. Just like my 17 year old self, I have a passion and drive to create something worthwhile, even if it is only for a few to look at.

In all to end, welcome to my new site, where adventure, conversation and relaxation exists. And it is all for you.

Drew-Alexandra x

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Published by Drew-Alexandra-O'Keeffe

22 years old and inspired by day to day life. A journalism graduate from the University of Westminster.

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