48 Hours in Amsterdam – Day Three

Read Part One here.

08:00 – A walk in the nether Netherlands

When on a trip, wherever you are, you will always come across the same belly dropping sadness that comes when you zip up your suitcase and give the room a last glance.

Storybook buildings

On a side note, I would make the assumption that this doesn’t apply if you had just spent a week in an outrageous 2 star, claiming to be 4 star, car crash in the middle of a Turkish, Greek or Spanish town. Kids running riot while you slip into an all inclusive cocktail coma.

But for us, a last glance is exactly what is needed before we make our way to the airport.

We walk out into the crisp morning air of Amsterdam and are wrapped up warm in scarves and over sized coats. Despite it being the last morning, we still admire the city and already start to loosely plan our next trip.

A shot of the canal

09:30 – How much is that doggie in the window?

We come across a buzzing cafe on a corner. We walk in with the smell of coffee, sugar and a good atmosphere hitting our faces. Everyone in the cafe is either smiling, working, reading or sipping on steamy hot drinks.

It is warming but after we order we realise that there are no seats to sit down in. We squeeze onto a tiny bench near the window and end up having to rest our croissants on our laps.

As I look to my left, I see something move slightly on the window seat and wonder if someone is here with their baby. At another glance, I notice a fluffy tail hanging down from under a pink blanket. It’s one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen and am immediately captivated.

Everyone in the cafe is mesmerised by the puppy and it’s sleepiness. Oh to be a puppy sleeping in a warm cafe in the middle of Amsterdam, unaware of the rest of the world.

11:00 – Time to choose a bridge

When we leave, we get some photos by the famous bridges and quickly notice how funny it can be. People in Amsterdam must be so used to others doing this because they will walk, cycle, even dance through your shot without a care.

The weather is slightly grey, but sets the tone and I wrap up in my giant scarf. I am grateful for the warmth and being able to explore the rest of the city with Beth, who always makes me laugh wherever we are.

12:00 – Time to leave the sugary city

We take a long walk to a well known Brazilian sweet shop called ‘Sweet Bob’ who have the best brigadeiro you’d ever find in Amsterdam. This is essentially a soft sweet truffle, and I wanted to go here because I knew it would be good, especially as my Brazilian friend, Marcela, would make homemade chocolate ones for us during the first year of university. We got a selection and ate them on our way back to England.

As we make our last stop to the hotel to grab our bags, we take a small tour of where we had been staying. A door with a red skull that leads to a red lit corridor makes us feel as if we were in the red light district once again. There is also a poster covered lobby with a lift that has the words “For the serious” engraved in it which catches our eye.

It is almost like we are walking through a students Tumblr feed, which makes sense as we are in a place where students thrive.

We take the train back to the airport, no over the top Tesla this time, and make it in time for our flight after getting a big door stop sandwich and a bottle of fizzy for the plane.

Amsterdam is such a unique place if you make the most of it, and the both of us can’t wait to get back for some more strange, weird and wonderful adventures. See you soon, Amsterdam!

Drew x

Read Part One here.

Thank you to Beth Rungay for the wonderful trip and for making it even better with your silly phrases and lovely friendship 🙂

Images owned by Drew-Alexandra O’Keeffe

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