Lemon Witch – Breakfast in LOS

Finding the perfect breakfast spot in busy Leigh-On-Sea can sometimes seem impossible.

Lemon Witch’s cosy interior

Pairing the stress of driving up and down the broadway for a parking space with the small hope of finding somewhere available for a coffee can make the morning outing close to a nightmare.

The perfect breakfast spot

To avoid feeling lost with an empty belly and caffeine levels hitting an all-time low, there is a cosy little pancake shop that can turn the misery of finding somewhere to brunch into something magical.

Walking into Lemon Witch, Leigh-On-Seas most homely and warming pancake shop, the sugary sweetness in the air will wash away your stresses and have your mouth watering before you’ve taken your seat.

The menu

The shop has a very long list of sweet and savoury pancakes, crepes and waffles to choose from, including my favourite American pancakes, ‘Simply the Best’ (£7.50).

Another mouth-watering American pancake style to choose from is the ‘American Blues’ pancake stack (£7.50).

Savoury options include Gallete with the ‘The Breakfast Club’ (£8.75) made up of bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns and eggs. Also on offer are crepes with ham and cheese (The Tom and Jerry, £7.50) and goats cheese, caramelised onion and spinach (For Goat’s Sake, £7.50).

But, how’s the coffee?

The coffee at Lemon Witch is surprisingly good. With their dedication to presentation, flavour and all-around pancake experience; it comes with gratitude that their coffee lives up to expectations. Having alternative milk options is something they proudly serve and is made to standard with no questions asked for those who prefer non-dairy drinks.

There are standard hot coffees available as well as Nutella cappuccinos (£3.50) and a selection of milkshakes. Levelling up, they offer ‘Freakshakes’, milkshakes topped with desserts such as doughnuts and pancakes.

Overall Thoughts…

Lemon Witch is a cosy, no-fuss, easy and super tasty cafe that fits in with each season of the year. It’s a sweet spot for all ages and palates. The only fault with Lemon Witch is that I wish it were bigger. Even though finding a seat doesn’t come with too much disappointment, booking in advance is available on their website. I can’t wait for another gorgeous pancake stack and the feeling of calm served so happily early in the morning (or afternoon).

Visit the Lemon Witch website – https://lemonwitch.co.uk/

All images owned by Drew-Alexandra O’Keeffe

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