Colonel Saab – Dinner in LDN

An evening surrounded by beautiful chandeliers, intense aromas and authentic Indian flavours is exactly what you will find at Colonel Saab.

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The “inventive approach to Indian cuisine” brings big promises to your dining experience.

Inspired by stories from an Army Officer who travelled around India with his wife, the interior has a nostalgic and warming feel with head-turning artwork and vibrant colours, patterns and textures in every view.

Colonel Saab makes us feel at home in our seat

Located in High Holborn, it’s just a short walk from Holborn underground station and the restaurant’s lavish and luxury feel sits comfortably in the midst of Soho.

To Start

First things first, a cold fruity beer or a dry white wine are the only beverages for any Indian cuisine (IMO). One bottle please then bring the list back in ten minutes’ time.

A mix of fragrant and cleverly spiced Chaat Bar is the go-to dish to start off with. Choose either one or all three of the dishes, none will disappoint.

PURANI DILLI – It’s a delicious mini samosa dressed with orange zest, pomegranate and masala chickpeas. The flavour of the orange zest bursts a tang against the sweet smokiness of the masala chickpeas. A full flavour experience.

MORADABAD – Crispy lentils in a ChatPat salad dressed with a sweetness that pairs perfectly with a selection of toasted naan and roti.

MALL ROAD – Sweet potato with guava, tamarind and coriander chutney topped with fresh garnish, this dish steals the show, especially when scooped up with the delicious naan. A nutty, sweet and spiced adventure.

A La Carte

After a long scanning of the mouthwatering menu, it is decided to order Memsaab’s Chicken Curry which is packed with fresh green chilli, tangy spices and sweet aromas. It may look a little on the plain side, but after one mouthful you will be on a new-founded taste trip. Spiced to perfection.

Colonel Saab’s Butter Chicken is made with cashew paste for a more nutty taste, fresh chilli and a more mild and buttery fulfilment.

Colonel Saab’s Butter Chicken (left) and Memsaab’s Chicken Curry (right)

Both dishes are served with tender and succulent chicken that are so brilliantly paired with the Indian soups.

There is steamed basmati rice made for an elegant touch, as most Indian dishes would have.


As an extra, the Daal Makhani is ordered; slow-cooked creamy black lentils.

After being recommended by one of the excellent waiters, it is said that this small dish takes no less than 48hrs to prepare and is one of the favourites of the evening. It is still thought about whenever Indian food comes into a conversation.


Topped off with another recommendation, the fragrant Rasmalai Milk Cake with cardamom cream, deliciously soft with a floral bite, the dining experience is complete and is something worth coming back to again and again.

Rasmalai Milk Cake – deliciously unusual

Colonel Saab really is a postcard from India with love; it is something worth sharing.

Visit Colonel Saab’s website to book a table, review the menu and get a taste of the heart-stopping interior. Open for lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and A La Carte dining.

Images owned by Drew-Alexandra O'Keeffe

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